Thursday, January 24, 2013


I set my alarm for 6am and somehow managed to crawl out of bed and get myself dressed. As I looked outside my bed room window and felt the freezing air hit my face, yea that’s right because my windows are mad ghetto and broken and when I shut one end the other opens a crack, I wondered if this was a good idea. I checked my phone to see it was 12 degrees out. I figured DO IT LIVE.  I put on my awesome running tights and shirt and like a tall black ninja in a face mask I headed to meet my new running group.

Ok, total fashion aside: how sick would be if I painted my face mask like the bottom of a Día de los Muertos skull? Sick right. Any artists wanna help me do volunteer please!

Luckily, it was so early I didn’t  have time to be witty or smart when I entered the Dunkin Donughts. Yea, apparently that’s the hot meeting spot for running groups. I’m actually not hating because the alternative is to stand in the cold so touché, well played indeed, boys.

I notice a warlock in a full Addidas track suit and recognized him as one of my own. Then our wolf pack grew by one more when my new 55 year old  BFF entered. Skinny Albert., I mean his name was obviously Albert but like anyone I fall in love with I nicknamed him right away. Let’s be real I’ll be calling Albie in no time and asking him for dating advice.

I gotta say it was overall really fun. I can make fun of it all I want but it was a great morning run. Like I said I cannot wait to force Albie to be my new friend. I’ve always wanted a 55 year old BFF in my neighborhood.  He’s already so cool. He talks about movies and doesn’t know anyone’s name, which I love. You know the kinda chubby fella in the baseball movie? Yes, Ablie I do know, Jonah Hill. We’re a match made in heaven. A true warlock.

Plus, he’s a speed demon. I mean I can crack all the jokes I want but I was just keeping up with him. In fairness, he’s doing a half this weekend.

I’ve committed to these “morning runs” every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6am. So, I’ll have more tales to tell.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Group Run

Ok, it's the night before I'm suppose to meet up with this group run at 6AM tomorrow in my neighborhood. I like to do a lot of things by myself and running is generally one of them, but I recently signed up for my third half and need to train despite the cold. So I did what any 27 year old girl would do I googled it.

So, apparently there's this site "Meet Up"... i've never heard of it before, but ok I'll play your game. It seems there's a group everywhere for just about anything...I shutter to think...but i just needed a running group in Queens for the weekdays. I found one. I put up a bad ass picture of me and my muscles running and signed up for the "casual run" Thursday morning. Cool, 6am and it's going to be -1 wind chill.

I've been a member for 3 hours and already I'm having second thoughts. It seems most the people in this group are old. No offense, i like old people, but I'm not trying to run with them. If anyone shows up in colored spandex or a members only jacket I'm out. I do have some self respect. Also, no creepy old dudes. I already had a guy message me. Maybe he's just being nice but I picture him having a mustache, driving a big white van with a lot of candy if you know i mean.

Anyway, I'm going to try to take some short videos of me tomorrow because I think it would be hilarious to see how this goes. If not I'll certainly keep you updated via the blog anyway.

Oh, lord. So, I'm getting emails from these guys making running jokes on the comment section about the run tomorrow. Basically saying how hardcore they are.  Stop embarrassing yourselves you're grown men.

Don't get me wrong this could be a great group...or TOTAL warlocks either way my blog is going to be awesome because of it.